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Reggie Smith Clinic

What a great night for local Baseball as we hosted former Red Sox center fielder Reggie Smith on 7th February with Jericho Baseball. Reggie was teaching fielding and he had some good tips for the players. Then we took a photo of coaches, players and parents! Thanks Reggie Smith.

Reggie made a number of notable comments in the 'Q & A' session. He said "pay attention to school, you can't take away knowledge but an injury can take away your baseball career". The best player he ever played with - "YAZ". The best player he ever played against, "Willie Mays". His fondest baseball moment was going back to home town LA and playing in front of his parents when he was with the Dodgers. We started the night with a few moments of silence and a prayer for Frank Robinson, who passed away on the same day as our event. It's hard to believe, but this evening we were doing baseball training with a 1967 Red Sox player ... for some, a dream come true!

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