VOLUNTEER at Jericho Baseball

Volunteer Policy

EVERYONE will be charged $160.00 volunteer deposit at the time of registration. Jericho Baseball is a volunteer-run organization. Parent participation is vital to ensuring that our baseball program is successful and registration fees are kept reasonable.


There are many ways to get involved at Jericho Baseball. You can sign up for a volunteer position at the time of registration or later through our website. Individuals who sign up for a volunteer position and fulfill their volunteer duty will have the deposit refunded directly back to their credit card.


Thank you for volunteering!


Events, Jericho Fun Day, Championship Day, Trophies, Equipment, Uniforms, Sponsorship, Field maintenance, Divisional Coordinators, etc.

Volunteer positions are available for sign up via a google spreadsheet. The volunteer positions for the 2020 season are now available!


Star Volunteers

Michael Jasny

Michael signed on as this years Safety Officer - and he dove right into the role.  He's been working hard to ensure that our players, coaches and parents have a safe and fun season. Thanks Michael for all of your hard work!

Head Coach, Assistant Coach, & Team Manager 

Coaching in Little League is an extremely rewarding endeavour. Jericho Baseball will support you by offering multiple coach training sessions at the beginning of the season. Professional coaches are also available to attend one of your practices to help you establish some drills or a practice routine for your team. There is a maximum of 1 Head Coach, 2 Assistant Coaches, 1 Team manager per team for volunteer refund purposes. If you volunteer for one of these roles, but it is ultimately filled by others, please refer to the volunteer sheet to sign up for other volunteer roles that are eligible for a volunteer refund.


To volunteer as a coach or manager, click on the button during registration or send an email to admin@jerichobaseball.com



Did you know?

Jericho parent volunteers put in around 5000 hours of volunteer time every year to manage and run the league and offer baseball programs to our players. These hours do NOT even include on-field coaching, field prep, and scorekeeping which falls under normal parental responsibilities (see below).


That works out to about 8 hours of volunteer time per registered player. Many thanks to those dedicated parents that volunteer way more than the 8 hours required to support their child and making a significant contribution to the community as a whole. THANK YOU!



Parental Responsibilities

Parents are required to be at the field supervising their children during all practice and game times. For liability reasons, our volunteer coaches cannot accept parental responsibility for your children. Our coaches are focussed on providing structured practice drills to improve players’ baseball skills. They are not running a babysitting service.  If a parent must leave the field for any reason, they must assign supervision of their child to a trusted friend – NOT the coaches.

Since you have to be at the field at all times anyway, you might as well help out! Bring your glove, chase down some balls, organize lines for drills, tie shoes, etc. Fields need to be prepared for play before and after games and practices, scores kept, or concessions cooked. There is no shortage of things to do. It’s fun!

Please note that in the Majors division that each parent has a“team responsibility” that will include scorekeeping and groundskeeping - this does not count towards your league volunteer deposit and thus is a separate obligation.