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Jericho Baseball wouldn't be possible without it's volunteers. Our volunteers are ​a huge part of why we're one of the best leagues around! 


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Volunteer Roles

We depend upon volunteers for a variety of roles including coaching, Board of Directors, working the concession, field maintenance, special events and more! Jericho parent volunteers put in around 5000 hours of volunteer time every year to manage and run the league and offer baseball programs to our players. These hours do NOT even include field prep, and scorekeeping which falls under normal parental responsibilities. 


That works out to about 8 hours of volunteer time per registered player. Many thanks to those dedicated parents that volunteer way more than the 8 hours required to support their child and making a significant contribution to the community as a whole. THANK YOU!

Parental Responsibilities

Parents are required to be at the field supervising their children during all practice and game times. For liability reasons, our volunteer coaches cannot accept parental responsibility for your children.


Our coaches are focused on providing structured practice drills to improve players’ baseball skills. They are not running a babysitting service.  If a parent must leave the field for any reason, they must assign supervision of their child to a trusted friend or guardian – not the coaches.


Since you have to be at the field at all times anyway, you might as well help out! Bring your glove, chase down some balls, organize lines for drills, tie shoes, etc. Fields need to be prepared for play before and after games and practices, scores kept, or concessions cooked. There is no shortage of things to do. It’s fun!


Volunteer Deposit

In addition to the registration fee, each player is required to pay a volunteer deposit of $175. This fee is fully refundable if/when you volunteer a minimum of 8 hours of time, on behalf of a player, over the course of the season.  This includes Coaching, a role on the Board of Directors, or general roles, like helping our with photos, working the concession, etc.

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