For children born between September 1, 2008, to August 31, 2012.  Players will be baseball age 9 to 12 years old, with discretionary decisions on high performing 8-year-olds. Players will be placed into divisions based on their age and skill level, determined primarily on their assessment scores. Majors will be split into 3 subdivisions: A, B & C.  All Majors Division players are required to attend the assessments which are scheduled for Sunday, February 21, 2021, 11am-4pm, at Carnarvon Park.  Registered players will be contacted directly with more details closer to the date.


Majors A - The Majors A program is weighted toward baseball ages 11 & 12 and is the highest level of play within Jericho. At this level, players get to showcase the skills they have developed through their little league career. Majors A is a competitive level of play that requires players to apply their teamwork, positioning, and situational awareness skills. Players are expected to have a solid understanding of baseball fundamentals. 


Majors B - Players at this level have sound baseball skills and are willing and capable of learning advanced baseball techniques and strategies. Games are player pitch.


Majors C – This is the transition level between Minors and upper-level Majors.  Players graduate from a combination of player/coach pitch to entirely player pitched games.  Coaches continue to improve players' foundational skills, athletic literacy, sportsmanship, teamwork and strategic baseball knowledge (Baseball IQ).


Location: Carnarvon Park, Jericho and Trimble


Cost: $250


Equipment/Uniform: The club provides a baseball cap, team jersey, catcher’s protective gear and bats. Players must provide their own batting helmet, baseball glove, baseball pants, athletic cup (jock/jill), baseball cleats (rubber/plastic studs only). Sliding pants, a bat and batting gloves are also recommended. 


Parents/Guardians are expected to assist coaches with running practices/games, keeping score, tracking pitch count, operating the scoreboard and fieldwork (pre- & post-practices/games).