For children born between September 1st, 2011 and August 31st, 2014. Players will be baseball age 7 to 9 years old. It is for the 7-year-old that is ready to move up from Mini-minors and the 9-year-old that is new to the game.


8 & 9-year-old players are allowed to try out for Majors. Please refer to the Majors Division for more information regarding assessments.


Minors is a semi-competitive development program, building on the fundamental baseball skills. Training begins to focus on the details of positional play and defensive strategies. A combination of machine pitch and coach pitch is used at this level. Fun, physical activity, confidence building and the value of teamwork continue to be a priority.


Practices: 1hr 15min, once a week (weeknight)

Games: 1hr 30min, once a week (Saturdays)

Optional Skills Training: 1 hr, once a week (Sundays)


Location: Lower Trimble NE or Trimble SE & (Skills only) at Carnarvon NE


Cost: $200


Equipment/Uniform: The club provides a baseball cap, team jersey and bats.  Players must provide their batting helmet, baseball glove, baseball pants, athletic cup (jock/jill), runners or baseball cleats (rubber/plastic studs only). Sliding pants, a bat and batting gloves are optional


Parents/Guardians are expected to assist coaches with running practice and minor groundskeeping post-practice.