If you have any questions about this division, please send an email to the League Administrator,


Mini Minors is for kids who are baseball age 6-7 who were born between September 1, 2014 – August 31, 2016.  Six-year-olds (DOB: Sept. 1, 2015 - Aug. 31, 2016) that played TBall during the previous season may join Mini Minors.  

Mini Minors is a transitional program between TBall and Minors. Children continue learning the fundamentals of baseball. Basic concepts of baseball such as “outs” and will learn to hit the ball from a slow-pitching machine, using softer baseballs. A batting tee will be provided after a predetermined number of attempts to hit from the pitching machine. 

There are 9 - 12 players per team. Players are permitted to request one-three friends.  The Division Coordinator will do their best to accommodate the request but are not guaranteed.  Friend requests are made at the time of registration.

COST - $190/player


1 practice (1 hr and 15 min) and game (1 hr and 30 min) per week.  Practice days/times are set by team coaches and division co-ordinators during the week. Most games will be on Saturday late mornings / early afternoon.  There will also be an optional skills training program offered on Sunday.


Each team relies on parent volunteer coaches and team manager. Mini-Minors is NOT a drop-off activity. Subject to COVID-19 requirements, an adult must stay at the park for the duration of each session.  Snack and bench duties will be assigned per game. COVID-19 protocols will be communicated prior to start of season. 


Practice plans focused on fun, physical movement and skill development.  After warm-up, recommend dividing team into small groups and rotate through 2 – 3 stations in order to ensure each child is active and being exposed to different skills.

Subject to COVID-19 protocols, games are set up with a pitching machine and all bases.  Each batter will get 5 pitching machine attempts, then a tee or coach pitch will be used to put ball in play.  There are no strike outs.  One base maximum each hit, other than final batter that can “clear the bases”.

For fielding, team is divided into 2 groups that rotate infield and outfield.  Infielders at each base (other than catcher) and short stop will watch the ball being hit and are encouraged to retrieve and throw ball to first base.  The remaining kids are with a coach in outfield safely away from batters where coach will run basic fielding / throwing activities with them in order to keep active since at this age not many balls hit into outfield. 

At end of game a running relay competition is encouraged with one team starting at 2nd Base and other at home plate.

No score or standings are kept. Regular bats are used and bat safety is paramount.  


Mini Minors games will be played at Trimble SW or Carnarvon East.  


Players are required to bring a glove, helmet and athletic cup.  Cleated shoes and bats are encouraged, but optional.  League will provide community bats.  Players will be given hats and a team shirt to keep.