For children born between September 1st, 2013 and August 31, 2015. Players will be baseball age 6 - 7 years old.  Six-year-olds (DOB: Sept. 1, 2014 - Aug. 31, 2015) that played TBall during the previous season may join Mini Minors this season.  


Mini Minors is a transitional program between TBall and Minors. Children continue learning the fundamentals of baseball. Mini Minors is primarily coach pitch; however, machine pitch is introduced towards the end of the season.  The primary focus is on fun, being part of a team, physical activity, and building confidence. 


Practices: 1hr 15min, once a week (weeknight)

Games: 1hr 30min, once a week (Saturdays)

Optional Skills Training: 1 hr, once a week (Sundays)


Location: Carnarvon Park or Trimble Park


Cost: $180


Equipment/Uniform: The club provides a baseball cap, team t-shirt and bats.  Players must provide their batting helmet, baseball glove, baseball pants, athletic cup (Jock/Jill), runners or cleats (rubber/plastic studs only).


Parents/Guardians are expected to assist coaches with running practice and minor grounds keeping post-practice. Often teams elect to have parents take turns providing a healthy, nut-free snack for the team.