What does "Baseball Age" mean?

In 2015, Little League Canada decided to make it easier for children to play with their classmates, to that end they chose to base age-groups on the school calendar year rather than a straight birth year. An age-group includes children born between September 1st of a given year and August 31st of the following year. However, there are some exceptions; for a complete description about age-group composition click here.


Click here to use the little league age calculator. 


How are players assigned to teams?

For the Majors Divisions players are assigned to teams based on their skills assessments, with the goal of having evenly balanced teams within each sub division. For this reason, we do not accept friend requests for players within the Majors Division.


For all other Divisions, we consider friend requests, school catchments and pairing up potential parental/guardian Coaching volunteers with their own children.  We do our best to accommodate all requests, but can’t guarantee anything.


When do I find out when practices/games are held for my child’s team?

Schedules are generated after teams are formed (early March for Majors Division and late March for all other Divisions).  We try to get them posted as soon as possible, but please be patient as they can only be generated after registration is closed and we know how many teams we have.


What equipment will my child need?

Equipment requirements differ for each division.  Please see the Divisions tab for more information.


What are the expectations of me as a parent?

In addition to the volunteer hours which pertain to your volunteer deposit, parents and guardians are expected to be present at games and practices and help out with field prep, scorekeeping (only applicable for some Divisions), and assist Coaches where needed.


Why do I have to pay a volunteer deposit fee for each of my children?

The volunteer commitment is per child because each player adds to our operational needs.  The more kids, the more volunteers we need.  In 2018, Jericho parents contributed over 10,000 hours to the operation of our league, an amazing feat!


If I volunteer for a larger role (Division Coordinator, Equipment Manager, etc…) can I get my volunteer deposit refunded for multiple children since I’ll likely be putting in more than 8 hours of volunteer time?

Yes!  Certain roles, which involve more than 8 hours of time, are now eligible for a volunteer deposit refund for up to two players. Please read the job descriptions for more details on how many volunteer deposit refunds any given position is worth. If this commitment is greater than you’re able to offer at this time, please consider volunteering for smaller roles to make up your 8 hours/per player.


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