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JLL AGM Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of
Jericho Little League (“JLL”) held on
November 15, 2020 by way of virtual Zoom Meeting

Dean Murray, in his capacity as current vice -president of JLL, called the meeting to

Dean began the meeting by welcoming everyone.
Noting the presence of quorum, Dean declared that the meeting was duly
constituted and capable of transacting business. Therefore, it was moved and
unanimously approved that the meeting be opened.

At this time, Dean asked for a motion to approve the previous AGM minutes. On a
motion the previous AGM minutes were approved unanimously.
Dean asked for a motion to approve the notice of the meeting as well as the agenda.
The notice of meeting and agenda were approved unanimously.

Doug Anderson and Dean Murray went over the season summary covering the
successful summer season, graduating players, fall training and coaches training,
batting cage upgrade, field work, volunteer response and JLL’s COVID response and
leadership. Discussion ensued.

Dean went on to cover the COVID impact on the season noting the rationale behind
the cancellation of the Spring Season. He went on to cover the truncated summer
season and the formation of the JLL COVID committee which implemented and
enforced JLL’s strict commitment to safety and adherence to COVID protocols.
Discussion ensued.

Michael Jasny, the Chair of the JLL COVID Return to Play Committee provided an
overview of the measures and protocols that were put in place in order to ensure a
safe environment for all of the players, parents and volunteers. Discussion ensued
and Dean, on behalf of the Board, congratulated Michael and the Committee for all of
their hard work in providing a safe return to play environment.

Dean went on to cover priorities for 2021 including COVID management and a
safety plan in order to ensure a safe regular season and tournament play.
Tanja Reinkens then provided an overview of the Registrar’s Report noting that
2020 numbers were down which could be attributed entirely to COVID related

Dean went on to summarize the financial report for 2020 noting that revenues were
down significantly, however, the organization still maintained a healthy working
capital position. He also summarized JLL’s financial strategy and certain
opportunities to increase financial reserves. Discussion ensued.

On motion the financial statements of JLL were unanimously approved.

Tim Dow went on to provide the Umpire in Chief Report. He noted that all umpire
clinics were cancelled for COVID reasons. He also described the COVID friendly
umpire system developed to ensure appropriate social distancing.

Dean covered the composition of the JLL board noted that Brett Maude and Terry
Sharman had moved on given that their children had graduated out. On behalf of
the Board he sincerely thanked both Brett and Terry for all of their contributions.
At this time, the floor was opened for nominations to the Board of Directors of JLL
for the upcoming year.

Each having consented, the following people were nominated to be directors:
Doug Anderson
Dean Murray
Mike Zeitlin
Gordie Bowles
Michael Jasny
Jay Estoque
Rob Campbell
Ken Andersen
Eric Rallison
Trevor Procyshyn
Dean Murray
Mischa Zajtman
Shawn Reid
Chris DeGroot

There being no further nominees, Dean declared the nominations closed.
On motion the above individuals were unanimously elected as directors to the board
of directors of JLL for the next year.

There being no other business, it was moved that the meeting was adjourned with
unanimous consent.


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