Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Jericho Little League (“JLL”)


November 17, 2019 at Kitsilano Community Centre, 2690 Larch Street, Vancouver, BC


Terry Sharman, in his capacity as current president of JLL, called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.


Terry began the meeting by welcoming everyone and offering Tanja Reinken a special thanks for her work as JLL administrator.  Terry also welcomed guests Steve Gustavson, director of District 1 for Little League Canada and John Kim, Umpire in Chief for District 1.


Noting the presence of quorum, Terry declared that the meeting was duly constituted and capable of transacting business.  Therefore, it was moved by Rob C., seconded by Gordie B., it was unanimously approved that the meeting be opened.


At this time, Terry asked for a motion to approve the previous AGM minutes.  On motion by Dean M., seconded by Michael J., the previous AGM minutes were approved unanimously with Eric R. abstaining.


Terry asked for a motion to approve the notice of the meeting as well as the agenda.     Moved by Mischa Z., seconded by Tanja R., the notice of meeting and agenda were approved unanimously.


At this time, Terry asked everyone present to introduce themselves.


Terry presented the president’s report to the meeting focusing on JLL goals for the previous season which were the following:


  1. sustainability of executives;

  2. transparency throughout the organization;

  3. building of a Jericho culture;

  4. increasing Jericho’s level of competitiveness; and

  5. strengthening relations with other associations.


Terry discussed the challenges of meeting these goals as well as the success JLL had in attaining them.


On motion by Michael J. and seconded by Irit U., the president’s report was unanimously approved.


Terry asked Tanja R. to present a registration report. Tanja outlined registration statistics and the meeting entertained a general discussion about registration in all youth sports as well as District 1 in particular.


April Niu, JLL's treasurer presented the financials statements.  April noted that JLL is financially strong and her goal for next season was to help JLL qualify for gaming grants.


On motion by Ken A. and seconded by John F., the financial statements of JLL was unanimously approved.


At this time, Terry asked Tim Dow to give a "Umpiring by the Numbers" report.  Tim outlined for the meeting the active involvement of the Jericho community in ensuring the games are called and encouraged everyone to get their kids involved in umpiring.


Terry asked Rob Campbell to give a scheduling report.  Rob noted that some changes were made over the last few years to maximize field usage at Carnarvon but that scheduling worked relatively well last season so not many changes other than perhaps enhancing some Google Docs to help with administering field availability.


Terry and Brett Maude presented a tournaments report to the meeting which covered the tournament participation of various JLL all star and house teams at various tournaments.  With the assistance of Shawn Read, the discussion moved on to JLL's performance.  The consensus was while JLL has improved its performance and competitiveness, more can be done to improve in that area.


Terry gave a short report on sponsorships noting that with JLL's strong financial position, this is an area that the association has not needed support with.


At this time, the floor was opened for nominations to the Board of Directors of JLL for the upcoming year.  Terry noted that JLL’s bylaws permit up to 30 directors.


Each having consented, the following people were nominated to be directors:



Terry Sharman

Brett Maude

Doug Anderson

Mike Zeitlin

Gordie Bowles

Michael Jasny

April Niu

Jay Estoque

Rob Campbell

Salma Jamal

Ken Andersen

Eric Rallison

John Fang

Trevor Procyshyn

Dean Murray

Mischa Zajtman

Shawn Reid

Irit Uzan

Chris DeGroot



There being no further nominees, Terry declared the nominations closed.


On motion by John F. and seconded by Doug A., the above individuals were unanimously elected as directors to the board of directors of JLL for the next year.


As new business, Gordie Bowles gave a quick summary of the equipment needs of JLL.  Gordie felt most equipments were in good shape.  There will be some new equipment needed but the big expenditure which has been made is the bins whcih will be installed.


There being no other business, it was moved by Mischa Z. and seconded by Michael J. that the meeting was adjourned with unanimous consent at 7:40 pm.

JLL AGM Meeting Minutes




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