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Jericho's Allstar teams announced

The teams have been announced for Jericho's 11/12 and 9/10 District 1 Allstar teams.

The 9/10s tournament will be hosted at HOME, at Carnarvon Park, in late June and early July.

The 11/12s will be playing their district tournament at Dunbar.

Come out and volunteer at Carnarvon and cheer on both teams at Carnarvon and Dunbar.

Congratulations to these selected players:

Jericho 9/10 Allstar Team

Adam Miedzygorski

Angus Taylor

Brady Maude

Charlie Bowles

Isaac Hansen

Joshua Read

Leo Zeitlin

Mattias Alteza-Penkala

Milo Sharman

Nate Levy

Ethan Lazar

Rhett Cotton


Mike Zeitlin, Head Coach

Terry Sharman, Assistant Coach

Shawn Read, Assistant Coach

Gordie Bowles, Manager

Jericho 11/12 Allstar Team

Casey Renneckar Scotty Langley Oliver Read Sahill Varshney Thomas Haldenby Finn McDougall Dylan Pryde Callum Whidden Shin Kubo Charlie Cutler Thomas Charuhas Mateo Sinasac Dylan Bowles


Doug Whidden

Paul Langley

Peeyush Varshney

Shawn Read

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