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Jericho Summer Tournament Team Registration Open

With spring starting to show signs of life in Vancouver this means summer and summer tournament baseball will start soon enough. The all-star / select season is an excellent opportunity for the kids to continue to develop their skills and compete in fun and competitive tournaments. We highly encourage all players to consider. Our website has all the relevant details - and below is a quick summary. REGISTRATION If interested in participating in the all-star / select season, please express your interest at ASAP. SCHEDULE AND TIME COMMITMENT The tournament season starts immediately upon the conclusion of the regular season on June 18, and runs through parts of July. For the 8, 9 and 11 Selects there is typically 1-2 practices a week, together with Exhibition games. Additionally, Jericho will usually enter 2 tournaments for each age group. For these age groups, there is more flexibility to substitute players between tournaments, which is not available under the rules for All-Star teams, so if you are unable to commit for the full period or will be away for portions of late June and July still encourage you to participate. For the 12 and 10 all-star teams there is a very high commitment level required. Between practices, exhibition games, and tournaments, players can expect to be at the ballpark 6 – 7 times a week starting June 19. For the 10 All-Star team, the District 1 tournament runs from June 27 - July 10. If we win the District 1 Championship, we would advance to the Provincials from July 16-23. For the 12 All-Star team, the District 1 tournament runs from July 6-July 17. If we win the District 1 Championship, we would advance to the Provincials from July 23-30. We appreciate it is a high commitment, but the kids do truly gain life long friends and memories during this time. TEAM FORMATION AND ASSESSMENT Try-outs are required for all summer teams (other than 7 Selects) and these will form part of the basis for team selection. All interested in players for 8 Selects and above must attend an assessments at UBC Baseball Facility on May 27. The following are the times:

  • 7 Selects (no assessment required)

  • 8 Selects (4 to 4:45)

  • 9 Selects (4:45 to 5:30)

  • 10 All-Stars (5:30 to 6:30)

  • 11 Selects (6:30 to 7)

  • 12 All-Stars (7 – 8 pm)

Note, if you cannot attend your age group time, we will try to accommodate your assessment during another time slot on May 27. If interested in participating on a summer team, but unable to attend on May 27 please register as per above and send a note to COACHING / TEAM MANAGER Similar to our house league season, the ability to offer and the success of our tournament teams is dependent on our amazing volunteers. We ask parents to express their interest in being either a Coach or Team Manager on your players registration. The coaches will have influence in setting the schedule for the summer season. Again we highly encourage all players to consider participating. If you have any questions please email

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