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Jericho Fun Day

Sprint to first base: Cole Age 4 Blastball Team #6 5.2 sec.; Samantha Age 5 T-Ball Blue Jays 4.61 sec.; Owen Age 6 Lions 4.51sec.; Nikolas age 7 Cardinals 4.2sec.; Kyle age 8 Diamondbacks 4.2sec.; Angus age 9 Mariners 3.76sec., Krish age 10 Astros 3.44sec.; Dylan age 11 Red Sox 3.43sec.

Pitching Velocity: Rhys age 4 Blastball Gluebasters 17mph; Ocean age 5 T-Ball#3 20mph; Nikolas age 7 Cardinals 34mph; Evan age 8 A’s 41mph; Ben age 9 Cardinals 41mph; Scotty age 10 Yankees 51mph; Dylan age 11 Cubs 52mph; Max Age 12 51mph.

We are pleased to announce the following teams for tournament play:

Jericho 11/12 All-stars: Thomas Charuhas, Max Langley, Scott Langley, Finn McDougall, Max Molnar, Dylan Pryde, Oliver Read, Casey Renneckar, Pavo Smith-Manojlovic, Kai Tukker, Sahil Varshney & Callum Young: Head Coach – Paul Langley

Jericho 11 Selects: Forest van Alstine, Carson Bawa, Finlay Buder, Dylan Bowles, Luke Cairns, Huxley Collard, Charlie Cutler, Angus Dewar, Thomas Haldenby, Sidney Howey, Jona Jagas, Jacob Knoblauch, Liam Palmer, JR Stark & Mateo Sinasac. First practice 10am – Sunday June 18th, Carnarvon Park. Head Coach – Fred Cutler

Jericho 9 Selects are victorious in winning the Mark Wiens Realtor 9 Selects Tournament.

Jericho Little League Baseball Champions

Jericho Majors B Red Sox win the South Vancouver Little League Sussex May Victoria Day Weekend Tournament.

Jericho Little League Baseball Champions

Jericho 8 “Junior” Selects play in the Dunbar DQ 8 Select Tournament

Jericho Little League Baseball

Kai Tukker holds up the Addison Cup for outstanding “graduating” player for skill and sportsmanship.

Jericho Little League Baseball Addison Cup

Max Langley is awarded the Gerry Kitson Award – “Presented to the graduating player that best exemplified the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual’s contribution to Jericho Baseball during the 2017 Season.”

Challenger Baseball

On Championship Day, the Chicken (a.k.a Max Langley) helps raise money for “Challenger Baseball” by venturing in the Coaches Dunk Tank.

Jericho Little League Baseball

Jericho 9 Selects win 7 of 8 games, however lose to Langley Baseball in the finals. Here is a picture of both teams.

Jericho Little League Baseball

2017 Jericho 9/10 All-stars play the District 1 Tournament at Little Mountain

Jericho Little League Baseball

2017 Jericho 11 Selects

Jericho Little League Baseball

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