April 4 - June 11, 2022 

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Registration is open now for the upcoming 2022 season!

You must register your own children in our online registration system. YOU MAY NOT REGISTER A “FRIEND” OF THE FAMILY OR A TEAMMATE.  Due to the legal waiver required in the registration form, only Parents or Guardians may register their children with Jericho Baseball.


If you need help with our online registration system, send an email to admin@jerichobaseball.com with your contact information and question and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If English is not your first language, we can most likely put you in touch with someone who can help you with our registration form in your native language.





Little League Canada requires that your child

registers for the league within which your home

address or your child’s school lies. Please check

the boundaries on our map to see if your home

address or your child’s school falls within

Jericho’s boundaries.



Baseball Age (for the 2022 season)


To help you determine what division is best

suited for your child, please use the

Little League age calculator or follow the

baseball age guide:


Parental Responsibilities

Parents are required to be at the field supervising their children during all practice and game times. For liability reasons, our volunteer coaches cannot accept parental responsibility for your children. Our coaches are focused on providing structured practice drills to improve players’ baseball skills. They are not running a babysitting service.  If a parent must leave the field for any reason, they must assign supervision of their child to a trusted friend – NOT the coaches.

Since you have to be at the field at all times anyway, you might as well help out! Bring your glove, chase down some balls, organize lines for drills, tie shoes, etc. Fields need to be prepared for play before and after games and practices, scores kept, or concessions cooked. There is no shortage of things to do. It’s fun!


All parents are required to help out. *Subject to Covid Safety Protocols.



Games and practices are played at:

Carnarvon Park, 2995 W. 19th Ave. Vancouver, BC.

West Point Grey Park (Trimble), 2250 Trimble Street. Vancouver, BC.

Jericho Baseball Diamond, on NW Marine Drive, across from the West Point Grey Community Centre



Privacy Policy

As a youth organization, we are very concerned about privacy. Jericho Little League follows the Little League Privacy Policy available here. By registering for one of our programs, your consent to receive relevant email communication is implied. To “unsubscribe” from any communication streams, simply send an email to the Administrator (admin@jerichobaseball.com) and we will remove you from our distribution lists.