Update on 2020 Season

Message from President Douglas (DA) Anderson, April 24, 2020

I have some thoughts and observations regarding Jericho Little League I wanted to let you know about.

Today – return of youth sports in BC still in question, says ViaSport.

At this stage everything is on hold for all youth sports. We are working on contingencies for a summer season, if the health authorities deem it safe.

If/when = this summer sports have to be done ‘small’.

Nothing will be happening until the middle of May.

All major events will be cancelled in the city this summer.

Dr. Bonny Henry has expressed safety concerns. There is likely a new protocol for little league: no handshakes, high 5’s, team huddles, how close the players and parents are, water bottle sharing, dugout, etc. We will get further details on this later.

Sadly, the Layritz Little League Championship, Saanich, planning for Canadian LL championships, are on hold.


I’ve had a number of meetings in the past month with the other Associations, many Jericho members, and Little League BC. I wanted to summarize some issues for you as we are unable to have a Board meeting at this time due to Covid. If you want to have a discussion on any issue, let me know and we’ll set up a phone call together.

I’m not a fan of big large long meetings, but I want people to know what’s happening.

All of the Associations in our LL District are vowing to remain united with our communication to families. We want to have a consistent ‘play’ policy and the same refund policy, if needed. We will compete on the field in the future, but now Little Mountain, Kerrisdale, and Dunbar are on side with us. Please see this COVID letter from the Presidents of these four clubs in BC Little League District 1.

Key Points:

We have an opportunity to get good coaching training from NCCP. They are putting NCCP coaching clinic courses online and we will provide information about these opportunities as news items. Please circulate to your fellow coaches who have an interest in this program. NCCP is something coaches will be required to obtain if they wish to coach summer teams in Baseball BC tournaments in the future. As well, NCCP training is be required for coaches interested in coaching for Vancouver Community Baseball, (ages 13+), so if you want to coach you can get a head start on it with Jericho’s support. Registration in these clinics is on a first come, first served basis.

Gerry Kitson has done a great job of maintaining Carnarvon. We’ve spread sand twice and we will maintain the fields with help from Trevor and others too.

We’ve had to lay off Tanja as we await Little League Canada to make decisions on our season. She understands our situation and she has full intentions on returning to help us when we need her in the months ahead. Tanja has been very productive for Jericho and I’ve received only positive remarks about her resourcefulness.

We are discussing contingency plans for a summer season. We will potentially need new parks board permits too, so we will face a few obstacles, but we want to be prepared. Nothing for you to do, I just wanted to let you know.

Dean Murray is going ahead with our batting cage upgrade. Dean has lots of info, quotes, ideas and suggestions for our batting cage improvements. We are building it for the years to come.

We will keep you posted when we learn more.

Now I ask a favour – whether we play or not, many key roles in our Association will come open later this year as volunteers ‘age out’. We will need people to take over equipment management, help with winter training, etc. So, if anyone you know might be interested, please have them email me so we can connect them with the current volunteers and retain the knowledge in-house for next year. (

DA and Dean