Umpire Schedules and Forms

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Managers: Download and print the Jericho Umpire Sign-in Sheet to document umpires’ reimbursements.

A written report must be submitted to Jericho Little League after any game in which any umpire is verbally or physically abused, any coach, manager, player, or fan is ejected from the game, or for any other incidents worthy of comment from the perspective of the umpire. Use the Jericho Game Incident Report here.

2017 New Umpire Clinic

A clinic for all new umpires will be held on Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm at the Carnarvon NW (Majors A) diamond. Anyone age 11 or older that would like to become an umpire for Jericho Little League must attend this clinic. New umpires will be assigned to umpire games in the Majors C division using our scheduling system. Clinic participants should bring their contact email, parent email, and phone number in order to sign up for an account.

The first hour of the clinic will cover rules and positioning. The second hour will include equipment and practice calling balls and strikes from a live pitcher. Bring a glove, wear a cup and dress for the weather. The clinic will be held rain or shine.

Participants have some pre-work they should complete before the clinic.
1. Visit to review the basic six calls: Ball, Strike, Safe, Out, Time, and Foul.
2. Visit to review the proper stance for calling balls and strikes at the plate.

No clinic registration is necessary. Just complete the pre-work and show up on Sunday. Meet at the field house behind the Carnarvon NW diamond.

New Umpire Clinic

2017 Returning Umpire Clinic

A district wide clinic for all returning umpires will be held on Sunday, April 2, 2017 at Little Mountain Baseball’s main diamond at 4595 Clancy Loranger Way by Hillcrest Community Centre. Save the date! Final confirmation and clinic times will be announced soon. Anyone who has umpired for Jericho before and wishes to umpire again in 2017 must attend this clinic.

The returning umpire clinic will cover plate umpire mechanics, base umpire positioning and pivots, key points of focus for 2017, and complex game situations from previous years. Wear your blue umpires shirt, grey or black pants, a cup and a jacket for the weather. The clinic will be held rain or shine.

To register for the returning umpire clinic, send an email with your name and experience to Tim Dow, Umpire Coordinator at .

2017 Umpiring Information

Tim Dow will return as Umpire-in-Chief and Umpire Coordinator again for the 2017 season for Jericho. He can be reached by email at . Tim is available for any questions about rule interpretations or help with any scheduling issues.

Umpire Reimbursement Rates for 2017

Umpires will be reimbursed in cash after each game by the home team manager. There is no extra money for overtime games nor for umping both plate and base. Cash payments to umpires should be considered a reimbursement for expenses incurred for working the game.

  • Majors A Plate: $30, Majors A Base: $25
  • Majors B Plate: $25, Majors B Base: $20
  • Majors C Plate: $20, Majors C Base: $15
  • Minors A Plate: $10, Minors A Base: $10
  • Adult umpires are donating their time and will not be reimbursed.

Umpiring Links

2013 Umpire School Rules Instruction Manual (RIM)
Slot Stance at Plate
Basic Six Calls (Ball, Strike, Safe, Out, Time, Foul)
Baseball Rule Myths
More Rule Myths
Interactive Online Rules Quiz

MLB Plate Work Checklist

  1. Equipment Properly Worn
  2. Appearance
  3. In-Charge Demeanor
  4. Slot Positioning
  5. Feet Positioning
  6. Shoulders Squared
  7. Adjustments
  8. Setting At Proper Time
  9. Torso Lean
  10. Head Height
  11. Tracking / Timing
  12. Voice
  13. Signals
  14. Judgement / Consistency
  15. Situation Management

Adult Volunteer Umpires

We are always searching for adult volunteer umpires. Come join our crew to give a little something back to the game. A basic knowledge of the game is required along with a criminal record check. Training will be provided at our umpire clinics.

Jericho Adult Umpires (800x600)
2014 Adult Volunteer Umpires

Conduct Toward Umpires

It is never acceptable to verbally abuse an umpire. The Umpire-in-Chief welcomes any constructive comments on umpires. Any criticism or critique relating to the performance of a youth umpire should only be communicated to the youth umpire by the Umpire-in-Chief.

Youth umpires are vital to Jericho Little League. Our policies on providing a safe, fair, and fun environment for players also apply to our umpires. Only positive, instructive, and encouraging comments are allowed to be directed at umpires. We must remember that just as youth players will make mistakes during play, umpires will also make mistakes in officiating, particularly in the younger divisions where they are learning how to umpire.

All on-field incidents will be documented in writing and brought to the attention of the league President. Violators of this policy are subject to disciplinary measures up to and including suspensions from games or expulsion from Jerico Little League.

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