Jericho Little League

Kitsilano and West Point Grey Little Leagues merge.
In the fall of 1999, the members of two of the oldest Little League associations in Vancouver, Kitsilano and West Point Grey, approved the merger of their leagues.  The result was the newly named Jericho Baseball Association. Today we are commonly known as Jericho Little League.

Kitsilano hosts the All-Star Tournament at Carnarvon Park…Late 70’s



Shown in this pic…Little Mountain and Marpole

Kitsilano Pics from the late 70’s and early 80’s

Kitsilano Little League

Kitsilano Little League

               1978 Comets                          1980 Pirates



1981 MHR Bayswater 1981 Olympia Pizza


1981 Pirates

1981 Pirates


If you have any old pictures from the Arbutus, Kitsilano or West Point Grey Leagues, please contact info@jerichobaseball.com

Little League History

How did Little League get started?
In 1938, Carl E. Stotz was playing backyard baseball with his nephews when he had the idea to give those boys the opportunity to play an organized game of baseball on a field that was sized for them, with equipment that was built for them and against their peers with actual rules. Mr. Stotz started working with the local community in Williamsport, Pa., and with parents and volunteers coming together, they formed three teams. On June 6, 1939, the first official Little League game was played in Williamsport, which is still the home of Little League today.

How has Little League grown?
Throughout Little League’s first 10 years, it was largely played locally, in the greater Williamsport, Pa. area. After World War II, Little League began growing, with its first World Series being played in 1947. The organization then expanded internationally, and in 1957, the first team from outside the United States, Monterrey, Mexico, won the Little League World Series. As baseball and softball developed, so has Little League. In 1974, the organization launched its softball division. In 1989, the Little League Challenger Division® was created to give children with physical and developmental challenges the opportunity to play baseball and softball. There are nine divisions of play that all culminate in their own World Series, played throughout the United States every summer. What started as a group of 30 children playing baseball in Williamsport 75 years ago has grown to 2.4 million boys and girls playing Little League Baseball and Softball in 83 countries.

What makes Little League special?
There is a reason that the organization has been so successful for so long. Its emphasis on community and volunteers make it a great social activity not only for the children playing, but also the adults and parents who are watching games, coaching teams and dedicating their time to enhancing the Little League experience. From a cost aspect, Little League strives to keep the fees associated with being an official Little League low. Through decades of research, our safety measures to protect our children on-field and off are unparalleled. The core values of leadership, citizenship, sportsmanship and teamwork are invaluable for our children, while enhancing the fabric of our community.

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