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April 6, 2012

The 2012 Jericho T-Ball teams have been determined and the coaches notified with a team contact list. The coaches will be contacting their teams lists ASAP to say hello.


1) We plan a T-Ball program that lightens the load on coaches.  The focus of T-Ball this year will be Saturdays, where we will have both skills stations and a game.  Some coaches may also book a weeknight practice if desired, but we expect that most teams will only use the Saturday slots.

Opening day is Saturday, April 14th, and closing (championship) day is Saturday June 16th. We will play every Saturday, except the Victoria Day weekend, either at 9 AM or    10:30 AM. Detailed schedule will follow soon, but “Saturday morning” at Lower Trimble    Park is hopefully enough for now.

2) Our Saturday program is inspired by the “Rally Caps” and “Al&Al” (Big Al)    ideas, with emphasis on skills more important than games.  We will build a curriculum build around pairs of teams matched together.  We have 8 T-Ball teams this year, most with 12 players each. Each Saturday session will have two teams matched together.  We will split the teams into groups of 6 (or 5) kids each, and the groups will rotate through four stations per session:

Game stations in T-ball game:

1) At bat: each players gets an at-bat from the tee.

– A hit out of the infield is a double; otherwise, a single.

– Last batter runs all four bases.

2) Fielders: spread players across infield.  Use discretion at “pitcher”                  position because some of the batters will be strong hitters.                  Encourage making plays to get “outs”, but no batting team players                  will be removed from the bases if “out”.

Skills stations:

3) Fielding station: work on throwing, intake on ground balls, and catching.

4) Batting station: work on foot position, bat grip, holding bat, swing and hit.                 Later in year, might move to coach-pitch (even with whiffles) later in season.

The idea of this program is that we do skills and the game on the Saturdays only.        We will have professional coaching help, at least near the start of the season, to run        these Saturday sessions and help out the team coaches.

A Saturday session will involve having the groups of kids rotate through the        four stations, with timing set by “game station” (a half inning which is composed        of every batting stations player bat once).  i.e.

Station 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4

After about one hour, we will collect back at the diamond (where the game takes place)        and run a relay, and then have a team snack.

3) We will keep the option of a weekday-evening practice if the coach+team desires.        From past experience, we do not feel this is necessary, but if teams/coaches want        this we do have field space available.

4) We will finish the year with participation in the “championship day”.

5) We will have a coach/manager meeting on Wednesday, April 11th, at 7:30 PM.        Place Hell’s Kitchen (2041 West 4th Avenue).  At least one person from each T-Ball team should try to attend this meeting.

6) The team contacts are listed here.  Could the principal team contact        please contact your team ASAP, even if just to say “hello”, let your team know of        the program we plan for this year and introduce yourselves.

Team 1:    Principal contact: Manager Wendy King

Team 2:   Principal contact: Head coach Tomalene Evans

Team 3:   Principal contact: Head coach Pete Morish

Team 4:   Principal contact: Head coach Brian Chisholm

Team 5:   Principal contact: Head coach Joshua Bixby

Team 6:   Principal contact: Head coach Toby Puga

Team 7:  Principal contact: Head coach Steven Minns

Team 8:  Principal contact: Head coach Jason Schouten

Rob McPherson
2012 Jericho T-Ball coordinator

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