2012 Minors C

This page will be used for the 2012 Minors C division.


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April 25, 2012

Photo Day Schedule – May 5th @ Trimble Park

Minor C Photo Day Schedule

Team #/Colour Coach Game Time Photo Time
1 – Red Bruce Young 1:00 pm 2:30 pm
2 – Dark Green Ed Light 9:15 am 10:50 am
3 – Orange Don Gordon 11:45 am 10:30 am
4 – Purple Dan Van Alstine 10:30 am 9:20 am
5 – Yellow Mark Cylwa 1:00 pm 2:20 pm
6 – Dark Blue Sangara/Varshney 9:15 am 10:40 am
7 – Light Green Jiles/Sharp 11:45 am 10:20 am
8 – Light Blue Blais/Chapman 10:30 am 9:30 am


Jericho Little League 2012 team and individual photos for Minor C teams will be taken on May 5 at Trimble Park. Each player photographed will receive one individual and one team picture at no cost (included in your registration fees). If you would like to order additional photo packages, fill out an order form that will be distributed in advance. Only fill out the form if you want to order extra photos. Bring the completed form along with your additional payment to your team appointment.

Photo appointments will be scheduled around your games on May 5. For entertainment, we’ll be running our “Opening Day” ceremonies at the same time with food, bouncy castles, competitions and prizes. Bring the whole family!

Teams should arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointments. In order to get all 500 of our players photographed, we need to stick very tightly to the schedule.



April 7, 2012  Welcome to Minors C

Hello and a warm welcome to all Minors C players and families

A fun and exciting baseball season is soon upon us. Opening Day is one week today!

There are 64 players in this year’s Minor C division; 8 teams of 8 players with a very enthusiastic group of coaches and assistant coaches. It is wonderful to see so many returning players who have moved up from Jericho T-Ball and to have a fairly large number of players who are new to the league. Welcome to all. Your coaches will have been in touch by now but if for some reason you haven’t yet been contacted, please let us know.

Next Saturday is Opening Day, your coach will let you know whether you are beginning practices this week or next. Coaches will be distributing team jerseys and league ball caps when you first get together. Every player is responsible for having his/her own batting helmet.

Hitting Clinic
Today was Jericho’s first ever Minors C hitting clinic. A big thank you to all who were able to come out on this beautiful Saturday. We had more than 30 players turn out which was great, especially considering the long weekend. We hope your children enjoyed trying out the pitching machine and are pumped for the season ahead. A special thank you to Coach Paul of Vancouver All-Stars Baseball for helping out today (http://www.vancouverallstars.ca/)

The season game schedule and weekly practice times are now posted. You can find the link at the top of this page under “Schedule”. The schedule goes by the unimaginative team number name; as teams choose their respective names we will add them to the schedule listing.

Minors C games are played Saturdays at 9:15; 10:30; 11:45 and 1:00pm. Teams playing at 9:15am are responsible for putting out the bases and pitching machine and those playing at 1:00pm for putting them back into the equipment bin behind the backstop. Please consider helping your team’s coaches in setting up and taking down when your team plays at those times.

All games, except for June 16th, will be played at the Minors C diamond (the one closest to the playground) at Trimble Park. June 16th games will be played at Carnarvon Park as part of the league’s end-of-season celebration “Championship Day”. May 5th will be Photo Day & Carnival at Trimble Park. Please note there will be no Minors C games played on May 19th, due to the Victoria Day long weekend.

Game Play – Minors C
Minors C offers players the opportunity to continue to learn, develop and practice fundamental baseball skills. The aim of our Minor C program is for players to have fun while continuing to learn basic skills at hitting, throwing, fielding and running. The games are held on a small diamond and use a special “soft” official ball. The players are introduced to the pitching machine. The machine is set to lob the balls over the home plate at an easy speed and with some arc. After 5 pitches the T is brought in to ensure the player hits the ball and gets on base. Coaches are allowed on the field and designated parents help by taking turns umpiring. All players are on the field and rotate positions. All players hit once through the order in each half inning. No outs are called in Minors C.

Here’s to a great season:

Play ball!

Bruce & Cathy Young
Jericho Baseball – Minors C coordinators

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