2015 Season

Week Date Event
Registration Dec. 1, 2014 Registration opens for all divisions
Off-season Jan. 10, 2015 Majors Winter Training starts at WPG CC
Registration Feb. 7, 2015 Registration closes for all Majors divisions
Assessment(Date Revised) Feb. 11, 2015 Assessment – only for Majors players new to Jericho. Carnarvon Batting Cage 6pm
Registration Feb. 21, 2015 Registration closes for all Minors divisions
Registration Feb. 28, 2015 Registration closes for T-Ball and Blastball
Practices Begin Mar. 23, 2015 Coaches start to notify players of first meeting or practice.
Coach’s Training (Ages 4-6) Mar. 30, 2015 Van. College Gym: 5400 Cartier Street Registration (5:30-6pm) Clinic (6:00-10pm)
Coach’s Training (Ages 7-12) Mar. 31, 2015 Van. College Gym: 5400 Cartier Street Registration (5:30-6pm) Clinic (6:00-10:00pm)
Week 1 Apr. 11, 2015 Games start – Opening Day
Week 2 Apr. 18, 2015
Sunday Training Apr. 19, 2015
  • 9:00am for Minor B & C
  • 10:30am for Minors A
  • 12:00pm for Majors C
  • 1:30pm for Majors A & B
Week 3 Apr. 25, 2015
Sunday Training Apr. 26, 2015
  • 9:00am for Minor B & C
  • 10:30am for Minors A
  • 12:00pm for Majors C
  • 1:30pm for Majors A & B
Week 4 May 2, 2015 Jericho Fun Day – Midway, Food, Inflatables, and Photos at Trimble Park
Photo Day Schedule
Sunday Training May 3, 2015
  • 9:00am for Minor B & C
  • 10:30am for Minors A
  • 12:00pm for Majors C
  • 1:30pm for Majors A & B
Week 5 May 9, 2015 Photo Day Carnarvon
Sunday Training May 10, 2015
  • 9:00am for Minor B & C
  • 10:30am for Minors A
  • 12:00pm for Majors C
  • 1:30pm for Majors A & B
Tournament May 16, 2015 Victoria Day Weekend / Tournaments / Jericho host “9 year old” Tournament Carnarvon Park
Week 6 May 23, 2015
Sunday Training May 24, 2015
  • 9:00am for Minor B & C
  • 10:30am for Minors A
  • 12:00pm for Majors C
  • 1:30pm for Majors A & B
Week 7 May 31, 2015 Seattle Mariners Road Trip “Little League Day” is Sunday May 31st. Mariners versus the Cleveland Indians!
Week 8 June 6, 2015
Week 9 June 13, 2015 Championship Day at Carnarvon Park
All-Star June 20, 2015 Point Grey Fiesta at Trimble (Parade)
All-Star June 22, 2015 9/10 All-Star Districts (Little Mountain) runs to July 4th
All-Star July 1, 2015 11/12 All-Star Districts (Dunbar)  runs to July 12th
Summer Baseball July 8, 2015 Summer Drop-in Baseball (Wednesday Nights – Carnarvon)
All-Star July 11, 2015 9/10 All-Star BC Provincials (Carnarvon) runs to July 19th.
All-Star July 18, 2015 11/12 All-Star Provincials (South Vancouver) runs to July 26th
Vancouver Canadians Game July 20, 2015 The Vancouver Canadians welcome “The Famous Chicken” as the C’s take on Eugene.

The Famous Chicken

Summer Ball Jul – Aug, 2015 Summer Drop-in Carnarvon
Fall Ball Sep – Oct, 2015 Fall Ball Carnarvon

9/10 Provincial Championships

Jericho hosted the 2015 9/10 Provincial Championships at Carnarvon Park from July 11th to July 19th. Check out the tournament results.

9/10 All Stars Secure the Club’s First Win at New Carnarvon Park Field

Jericho 9/10s Win at new field

Our 9/10 All Stars secured the Club’s very first win at the new Carnarvon Park field during the course of the BC Provincial Championships. The score was Jericho 11 – Hastings 7. An important moment in Jericho history. Photo credit: Frank Van der wart.

Jericho 9 Selects Finish a Great Tournament Season

Jericho 9 Selects

Our Jericho 9 Selects after their final game of the year in Langley. The tournament highlight was no doubt their epic comeback tie against Kerrisdale. Down 13-5 entering the 6th and final inning, our 9s cracked the bats and mounted a comeback with a single go ahead run. Keeping Kerrisdale to just a single run in the bottom of the inning, the game went to extras where it finished in a 16-16 tie.

Jericho Baseball is pleased to announce our 2015 11/12 All-Star Team

Jonathan Chang
Ben Cook
Kosta Fotiou
Liam Fix
Grayden Hunter
Ethan Plesko
Skyler Lehman
David McPherson
Myles Mason
Reilen Millar
Jack Molnar
Connor Muggli-Manson
Octavian Turner
Kai Koyama-Wong

Head Coach: Bill Hunter

Jericho Baseball is pleased to announce our 2015 9/10 All-Star Team

Jonphonse Bamberry
Alex Djekic
Max Langley
Scotty Langley
Finn McDougall
Max Molnar
Robert Orr
Kiva Salzman
Kai Tukker
Auguste Turner
Olivier van der Wart
Callum Young

Head Coach: Paul Langley

Seattle Mariner Road trip big success with parents and kids

at the Mariners

Jericho 8 Selects (Junior team) plays at Dunbar tournament

Dunbar tournament

Dunbar tournament

The Two Julia’s playing at the Dunbar DQ 8 year old tournament on the May long weekend.

Jericho Cardinals place 2nd at South Van Invitational!

The Jericho Cardinals placed a strong second in the South Van Little League Victoria Day 9/10 Invitational.

Congrats to the team: Samuel Jones, Bennett Martin, Alexander Djekic, Jonathan Poole, Edward Shin, Pavo Smith-Manojlovic, Jon Bamberry, Max Langley, John Conners


Jericho 9’s 2015 Invitational Tournament

Congratulations to Kerrisdale who won the 3rd Annual Jericho 9’s tournament this past May long weekend. See the full tournament rules, schedule and results.

Jericho Fun Day Competition Winners

Pitching Speed First Base Speed
Age 4 – Hazel Stocker – Blastball Blue Jays
15 mphAge 5 – no competitorsAge 6 – Nolan James – Minor C Zombies
31 mphAge 7 – Callum Stocker – Minor C Blue Batters
38mphAge 8 – Scottie Langley – Major C Marlins
44mphAge 9 – Thomas Charuhas – Major C Marlins
44mphAge 10 – John Conners Major B Orioles
46mphAge 11 – Tien Lan Sun – Majors A Expos
50mphAge 12 – Octavian Turner – Major A Pirates
Age 5 – Myles Pryde – Blue Dragons
4.12 secondsAge 6 – Matias Grimminck – Blue Dragons
4.82 secondsAge 7 – Tiago Grimminck – Red Archers
3.74 secondsAge 8 – Amaliya Bruecher – Purple Pirates
4.22 secondsAge 9 – Dylan Pryde – Angels
3.65 secondsAge 10 – Lucas Smith – Angels
3.61 secondsAge 11 – Tien Lan Sun – Expos
3.54 secondsAge 12 – Alex Smith – Marlins
3.56 seconds

Registration for the 2015 Season opens on Dec. 1, 2014

Jericho offers Little League Baseball to children age 3 – 12 in Vancouver, BC. Registration for the 2015 season opens on Dec. 1, 2014. Click here for registration and fee information.

Games start on April 11, 2015.

Click here to Register

2015 Registration Deadlines

  • Majors registration closes on February 7, 2015.
  • Minors registration closes on February 21, 2015.
  • TBall registration closes on February 28, 2015.
  • BlastBall registration closes on March 28th, 2015.

Late Registration is accepted in all divisions until May 2nd –  players will be placed on a waitlist and then will receive an email once placed on a team.

Registration for the 2016 season will open on December 1, 2015.

2015 Baseball Field Schedules

View the 2015 Majors Field Schedule here.

View the 2015 Minors Field Schedule here.

View the 2015 Post-season Majors Field Schedule here.

Majors A Schedule
Majors B Schedule | Majors B Pitch Count Sheet
Majors C Schedule | Majors C Pitch Count Sheet

Majors Hitting Practice Tracker

Minors A Schedule
Minors B Schedule
Minors C Schedule

TBall Schedule
Blastball Schedule

2015 Majors Coaches’ Information Package

Pre-Game Warmup and Post-Game Stretches


Coaches Code of Conduct 2015 March 22

JB conflict resolution processing

Baseball Gear for New Players

All players (except Blast Ball) will need to supply their own baseball batting helmet, baseball glove, and jock. Baseball pants and cleats are recommended.

Quality baseball equipment for new players can be purchased at our sponsor Abbies Sports Shop ( http://www.abbiessports.com/ ).

Just say you’re registered with Jericho Little League to get a 10% discount.

Batting Cage Upgrades

The Carnarvon batting cage has been upgraded with an artificial turf floor, wind/rain screens, new balls, and new pitching machine pads. The hope is to keep the balls clean so that the pitching machine throws a little more consistently. Or even better, have someone hand pitch to your player with the L-screen in place.

In any case, you have the opportunity to take your kids out to the cage throughout the off-season. Hopefully, we can keep the winter rust to a minimum and make up some of the offensive gap we seem to have with respect to other local leagues.

Contact any coach to get a key to the batting cage. Right now, we don’t have a reservation system in place. If the cage is busy, why not work out together and make a competition out of it? One run for a line drive off the side walls, two runs for a liner to the back of the cage. Grounders keep you alive, three strikes and you’re out. Play 6 “innings” and see who “wins”.

Please keep the cage tidy with the balls in a bucket for the next person. Keep the cage balls in the cage. If you want to hit balls on the field, there are 2 bags of shag balls in the umpire’s equipment box.

Special thanks to Patrick Perry for spearheading these upgrades. Great job!

Happy hitting!

Baseball gear for new players

Prostock Gear DealAll players (except Blast Ball) will need to supply their own baseball batting helmet, baseball glove, and jock. Baseball pants and cleats are recommended.

Quality baseball equipment for new players can be purchased at our sponsor and equipment supplier – Prostock Athletic Supply ( http://www.goprostock.com ).

See the attached flyer for a special deal on equipment for new players.

Bat rules and specifications for the 2015 season:

Bats with an aluminum barrel (even if they have a composite handle) are allowed if they meet the specifications below (Rule 1.10):

Little League bats shall not be more than thirty-three (33) inches in length nor more than two and one-quarter (2¼) inches in diameter. Bats shall be labeled with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.15 or less.

Bats with a composite barrel are ONLY allowed if they are on the list of Little League approved bats. The list is available at: http://www.littleleague.org/learn/equipment/licensedcompositebats.htm

Information Regarding Concussions

Jericho Little League is focussed on protecting the health, safety and welfare of its young players. Information about online concussion training for coaches and a fact sheet for parents and players is available here.

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